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  • Professional Athletes Use Whey Natural! USA Cody Eakin
    NHL Centerman - Dallas Stars

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    and provide the essential, nutritional
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    That's Whey Natural! USA."
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    USA Long Jumper

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    Whey Natural! USA is the perfect
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    Professional Trainer - Bodybuilder

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  • Professional Athletes Use Whey Natural! USA David Verburg
    Olympian Sprinter

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    Muscles are not sore after intense weight
    training or running. One of the best things
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  • Professional Athletes Use Whey Natural! USA James Larsen
    Professional Trainer - NPC Physique Bodybuilder

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    Natural Men’s Physique Competitor

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  • Professional Athletes Use Whey Natural! USA Donald Scott
    USA Jumper

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  • Professional Athletes Use Whey Natural! USA Johnny Munoz
    MMA Professional Fighter

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Take The 10,000 Step Challenge

Exercise, along with proper nutrition, is key to to losing weight, longevity and great health. You are never too old to take the challenge and experience what so many are every day. Research has shown that people can achieve health benefits by exercising at a less intense level. Just by being active the entire day will expend as much energy as someone who jogs for an hour.

The Journal of the American Medical Association have confirmed that being active the entire day, which includes brisk walks, can be as effective as a traditional exercise program. Clinical research has found that wearing a pedometer will help you track your daily activity and motivate you to be more pro-active in your goals on days you have been less active. Put your pedometer on when you dress in the morning and don't take it off until you are ready for bed. Please don't wear it while bathing.

Strive to take 10000 steps a day (the equivalent of walking roughly five miles). A person who walks 10,000 steps a day will burn between 2000 and 3500 extra calories per week. Do this and you will result in living longer and achieving your health goals. Don't be discouraged if you don't reach your 10,000 steps the first week. Gradually build up to the 10,000 steps and beyond. Every step you take counts.

Here are some simple ideas to add to your steps:

  • • Park in the farthest space from the store or mall.
    • Walk, run and play actively with your pet, children or grandchildren.
    • Mow your yard using a push mower.
    • Take a walking break instead of a coffee break at work.
    • Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
    • Hide your remote and change channels the old-fashioned way.
    • Put on upbeat music while you clean your house.
    • Better yet, get your partner to dance with you...forget the slow dance.
    • Take up dance — ballroom, clogging, you name it.

Be sure to check out our PEDUSA PE-771 Tri-Axis Multi-Function Pocket Pedometer with Belt Clip Holster available Here. We sourced one of the best Pedometers that has all the functions, yet easy to program and track.

Before you attempt any exercise, please consult a doctor or health practitioner. Doesn’t matter where you are on your Fitness Journey, you should commend yourself that you have taken the first step. You are never too old to get fit!

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