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  • Whey Natural USA Banner Benefits To You**

    • Increases energy levels

    • Helps metabolize body fat

    • Helps satisfy one's appetite

    • Improve quality of sleep

  • Professional Athletes Use Whey Natural! USA Johnny Munoz
    MMA Fighter

    "Whey Natural! USA has become a
    part of my day to day protein intake. I
    can really tell the difference with my
    performance during training, as well
    my recovery time."
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  • Benefits To You**

    • Rich in the amino acid Cysteine

    • Provides anti-aging properties

    • Excellent for skin, hair and nails

    • Improve quality of digestion

  • Professional Athletes Use Whey Natural! USA Cody Eakin
    NHL Centerman - Dallas Stars

    "In the pursuit of excellence I'm always
    searching out the highest nutritionally
    dense foods and wholesome nutritional
    products that will minimize inflammation,
    fuel my body, nourish my immune system
    and provide the essential, nutritional
    building blocks for optimal recovery.
    That's Whey Natural! USA"
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  • Benefits To You**

    • Boosts sports performance

    • Enhances recovery from exercise and injury

    • Promotes the building of lean muscle tissue

    • Helps improve mental sharpness

  • Professional Athletes Use Whey Natural! USA Arman "Gino" Hall
    Olympian Sprinter

    "Whey Natural! USA has helped me heala lot faster
    because my tendon has been bothering me but
    now it's finally going away. I feel more energized
    before practice and after practice it helps
    me recover." ** FTC Disclaimer Bottom of Page

  • Benefits To You**

    • Boosts the immune system

    • Promotes youthful vitality

    • Helps the body's detoxification system

  • Professional Athletes Use Whey Natural! USA Donald Scott
    USA Jumper

    "Whey Natural! USA is totally clean, carries
    carries all the nutrients that the body needs,
    amino acids, great amount of protein and most of
    all it TASTES GREAT! I feel more energized
    for my training days, helps me build more muslce
    and after my long days it helps me recover very well."
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  • Professional Athletes Use Whey Natural! USA Fadi Malouf
    Professional Trainer - Bodybuilder

    “Whey Natural! USA is truly an
    amazing whey protein superfood. Having
    used Whey Natural! USA during my exercise
    regimen, I experience fast muscle recuperation,
    increased energy and endurance. My clients
    have experienced weight loss, muscle gain and
    have even commented on benefits to hair, skin
    and nails.”
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  • Professional Athletes Use Whey Natural! USA James Larsen
    Professional Trainer - NPC Physique Bodybuilder

    “I have recommended Whey Natural! USA's
    whey protein to all of my personal training
    and body building clients and everyone agrees
    that this protein is the best on the market in
    terms of quality, recovery, and taste."
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Frequently Asked Questions


Q – What makes Whey Natural! USA® different from the other protein powders on the market?

Q – Do any healthcare professionals use Whey Natural! USA®?

Q – What is Whey Protein?

Q – Could you summarize some of the primary benefits of whey protein?

Q – Where does your Whey come from?

Q – Why do I need protein?

Q – What about some whey proteins that are promoted as being “so pure” and containing no impurities?  Are they really the healthiest and “pure” proteins?

Q – Is Whey Natural! USA® a “Sports Nutrition” protein?

Q – What does Whey Natural! USA® NOT contain?

Q – Who can most benefit from having Whey Natural! USA® an important part of their health and fitness lifestyle?

Q – Can Whey Natural! USA® help strengthen my Immune System?

Q – What is the Glutathione Connection and how does the Amino Acid Cysteine play an important part in building my immune system?

Q – How does your whey protein stack up in taste?

Q – Does Whey Natural! USA® contain any chemical growth hormones or BST?

Q – Does Whey Natural! USA® contain any predigested protein?

Q – Is Whey Natural! USA®organic?

Q –Does Whey Natural! USA® mix well?

Q – How many grams of protein do I need daily to keep myself fit and healthy?

Q – When do you suggest I take Whey Natural! USA®?

Q – Does Whey Natural! USA® contain any fat?

Q – Is Whey Natural! USA® safe for diabetics?

Q – Should I take Whey Natural! USA® if I’m pregnant and/or lactating?

Q – Are milk and whey the same thing?

Q – Is Whey Natural! USA® alright to use if I am lactose intolerant or if I’m allergic to milk products? Is there casein in your products?

Q – Can too much protein harm my kidneys?

Q – What is the difference between whey protein and soy protein?

Q – Can you add Whey Natural! USA® to foods that will be cooked?

Q – If I have celiac disease.  Can I still consume Whey Natural! USA®?

Q – What is the highest quality protein? How does whey protein compare to other proteins such as soy, milk (casein), egg, rice, phytoplankton or hemp protein?

Q – Can eating protein powder make me have muscles?

Q – What are Glycomacropeptides?

Q – What’s the “Thermic Effect” of Protein?

Q – How does Natural! USA® compare in value and price with other whey protein?

Q – Can Whey Protein help regulate my blood pressure?

Q - Why does Whey Natural! USA use Sunflower Lecithin in their products?



Q – What makes Whey Natural! USA® different from the other protein powders on the market?

A – Quite a lot!

    Our intentions in developing Whey Natural! USA® were rooted in the belief that given what’s currently offered in the marketplace, could be done much better. We knew that the answer lay in the delicate balance involved in retaining the integrity of whey protein’s natural power structure. In Whey Natural! USA®, we’have created an astounding protein superfood.

    With Whey Natural! USA®, our unique all natural Pastureland whey protein source material and the best natural science technology have been united together to bring you the most powerful protein based supplement available. We have succeeded in developing a protein supplement into the superfood it should be.

    Whey Natural! USA® delivers deep nourishing, broad spectrum health and wellness benefits that will empower people to help live their strongest and longest – and to look better, feel better, and have more energy to live their lives. Whey Natural! USA® perfectly embodies the pure wholesome goodness of natural protein that your body needs, while also providing you with overall powerful nutrition your body desires.

    History and Tradition – and Something Better

    Whey proteins powders have been around for 40 years and have traditionally been taken for their enhancement of lean muscle development and well documented fat burning properties. We respect its heralded tradition, but knew we could do much, much better. Starting with all natural ingredients from the purest Pastureland whey and employing cutting edge technologies and food science, the pure whey protein in our Whey Natural! USA® superfood protein powers your body to promote a strong immune system, improve its strength, energy, endurance and mental sharpness. Whey Natural! USA® also helps you burn body fat, build lean muscle and connective tissue, improve the quality of sleep, digestion, blood sugar balance, and is excellent for those recovering from athletic competition.

    At Whey Natural! USA®, we understand whey protein’s raw power and have done all in our power to carefully preserve its unique life building and powerful immune enhancing properties.

    The power and potency of our protein superfood begins with the careful preservation of the original, natural whey protein we use to build Whey Natural! USA®. This foundation is the springboard for the fundamental, life building nutrients your body desires, and more. It’s also our steadfast devotion to all natural ingredients that enables Whey Natural! USA® to provide deep nourishment that will change your perspective on what supplemental nutrition means to your body and your life.

    We start with the best so we can deliver you the best.

    Although our whey protein may not be technically certified organic, it’s as close to organic as could possibly be. It comes from healthy dairy cows that have grazed on sun-filled, pristine pastureland. These natural pastures are not subjected to pesticide or chemical contamination. Further, our milking cows are not from standard dairy farms that feed their cows questionable dried grains, which can negatively transform healthy milk proteins into harmful allergens. Our milking cows have no history of disease and are never subject to any chemicals, antibiotics, or recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone or any other hormones (NO rBST or rBGH).

    Unrefined – Truly all Natural!

    Our unrefined whey protein has not been radically altered by the addition of artificial chemicals, preservatives and high heat pasteurization or processing. We set out and succeeded in maximizing the potency and purity of our protein superfood for your greatest benefit. One of the prime results of this powerful superfood lies in its natural ability to powerfully enhance the strength of your immune system.

    Next, we do not subject our Whey Natural! USA® whey protein to harsh processing through cross-flow filtration, ion exchange (heat and chemicals), micro-filtration, ultra filtration, cross-flow-micro-filtration or hydrolyzation (heat and chemicals).

    The companies who utilize these techniques will tell you these processes provide a “pure”, “bioavailable”, and intact protein – but the original pure health properties have been significantly compromised. Many even claim that their so-called “low heat, cold-processed” manufacturing techniques do not denature the delicate proteins found in whey protein, but they do if they’re using any of the processes noted above.

    Type of Protein

    Whey Natural! USA® utilizes the highest grade, specialized hormone-free, pastureland fed, whey protein concentrate — and not the subpar protein concentrates found in other whey proteins. No other proteins compare - not "isolates", standard concentrates, "ion-exchange" types, "hydroslyates", whey peptide complexes, etc. Whey Natural! USA® is also not a fancy sounding blend of predigested whey proteins. Whey Natural! USA® is truly the purest and strongest whey protein.

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Q – Do any healthcare professionals use Whey Natural! USA®?

A – Yes!

    Endorsed by The Best!

    Whey Natural! USA® is endorsed by leading health authorities across a wide range of healing disciplines: Medical Doctors, Herbalists, Naturopaths, Eastern Medicine Doctors, Osteopaths, Homeopaths, Ayurvedic Practitioners, Registered Dieticians, Chiropractors, Nutritionists, Acupuncturists – as well as Exercise Physiologists, Rehabilitation Specialists, Physical Therapists and Sports Fitness Trainers.

    These are health and wellness professionals from virtually all areas of practice. Unanimous consensus by such differing fields of health is rare, but Whey Natural! USA® makes it possible. These professionals all recognize the clear benefits and pure power of our one-of-a-kind whey protein. With Whey Natural! USA®, we have distanced ourselves from the competition because we guarantee Whey Natural! USA® is the most biologically active, pure and potent whey protein based supplement you'll find today. Yes, there are some fine whey protein products on the market; however we believe if you’re not taking Whey Natural! USA®, you’re not taking the best.

    Our Whey Natural! USA® all natural and unparalleled whey protein formulation tastes great, makes you feel better, mixes easily, and is a delicious, satisfying treat. We believe Whey Natural! USA® exceeds any other protein product, anywhere, at any price. For those who desire the ultimate and demand the absolute best protein superfood obtainable – Whey Natural! USA® is it.

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Q – What is Whey Protein?

A – Whey is the most valuable and nutritious portion of milk which has a high content of very special, life building proteins and other high nutrition constituents. Plainly stated, whey is the richest part of milk which supplies tremendous health building properties.

    Note: The word “protein” comes from a Greek word meaning of “prime or of first importance” – and we believe our Whey Natural USA® is indeed of prime and first importance.

    When whey protein is intelligently processed, it provides the greatest biological value of all proteins. The term “biological value” refers to the level of protein effectively absorbed (retained) by the body. This is determined by measuring the degree of “nitrogen retention” by the body. A high quality protein will have a higher (positive) degree of nitrogen retention (i.e.: more nitrogen retained in the body as opposed to more nitrogen eliminated). Whey protein is the highest.

    “Complete” Protein

    Whey Protein is a naturally complete protein. This means it contains all of the essential amino acids required by the body for its repair and regeneration needs. Your entire family can wonderfully benefit by supplementing with whey protein.

    Similar To Mother’s Milk

    For those of you who were breast fed, you may not know you had your first supplementation with whey protein – and you received vitally important nutrient and immunological health properties. Mother’s milk is extremely rich in whey protein. And, while cow’s milk whey protein is somewhat different in its compositional make-up as compared to human milk, many strong and important health-building properties are still available to you with whey.

    As noted, although not identical when comparing their nutrient compositions, the whey protein in Whey Natural! USA® is very similar in structure to that of a mother’s breast milk. What this means to you is that whey protein is more compatible for human ingestion, much more like that of mother’s milk. What this also means to you is not only enhanced lean muscle growth, but also enhanced immunity and cellular regeneration, improved digestion and assimilation as well as the opportunity to remain healthier and younger – longer.

    Whey protein is the best protein of all — and we believe
    Whey Natural! USA® is best of all protein supplements.

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Q – Could you summarize some of the primary benefits of whey protein?

A – Yes. Whey Natural! USA® is excellent for any health conscious person seeking superior nutritional support of supreme quality and the highest performance.

    Some of the benefits that research has shown for Whey Protein:

    Lean muscle, weight management, fat metabolizing, improved overall metabolism.

      Whey Natural! USA® is also absolutely tremendous when used in conjunction with a sound weight management program and helping to maintain lean muscle bodyweight. In addition to having a profoundly positive effect upon one's entire physiology by providing the most complete, unique, easy to digest protein superfood complex that is precisely balanced for everyone's nutrition needs, Whey Natural! USA® is ideal for metabolically activating your body's most powerful health promoting energies, helping you improve your efforts towards achieving all your health, fitness and lifestyle goals. And, it's loaded with natural fat metabolizing and lean muscle building nutrition to boot! Some simply say it revs up their metabolism in the right way! Need a natural lift and energy boost? Whey Natural! USA® to the rescue!

      • Helps build lean muscle tissue by promoting maximum protein synthesis (helps your body manufacture muscle protein as well as all body tissues).

        A strong surge of new evidence from researchers is showing that one’s body composition (more lean muscle – less body fat) is encouraged by individuals who consumed supplemental whey protein over a period of 4 to 6 months. This research further strengthens what thousands have already discovered – that supplementing with whey protein can improve one’s body composition by promoting lean muscle tissue and encouraging effective fat loss.

      • Whey protein also encourages fat loss by promoting the release of glucagon (a protein hormone from the pancreas) within your body, which helps build muscle and burn body fat, while also moderating the production and release of too much insulin which leads to the unwanted development of fat on the body.

      • Increases exercise capacity and endurance levels.

      • Helps fortify your body’s immune system in many ways:

        By naturally elevating your cellular levels of Glutathione, which is your body’s Master antioxidant. Whey protein has the capacity to elevate Glutathione levels higher than any other protein source.

        Whey protein also uniquely contains healthful substances called “immunoglobulins”, which are specialized protein fractions that possess marvelously protective immune system properties. Specifically among those, “lactoferrin”, an iron bearing protein molecule, helps fight infections and also possesses strong antioxidant properties as well.

      • May help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

      • Helps balance and stabilize blood sugar levels and help prevent diabetes by moderating the flow of sugars into the blood stream.

      • Helps reduce stress as well as body fat. Whey protein helps reduce stress and lessen depression by balancing the production of a stress hormone called cortisol. At the same time, whey protein promotes the production of a feel good brain hormone called serotonin. Specifically, a healthful substance called “lactalbumin”, which is richly found in whey protein, has been shown to help people more effectively handle stressful situations. Additionally, a rich intake of lactalbumins helps lower cortisol levels, which unfortunately rise in response to stressful situations. Higher, imbalanced cortisol levels equate to increased fat storage on the body – not the kind of healthful equation that anyone would hope for.

      • Whey protein has been shown to fight certain forms of cancer (such as prostate cancer) as well as harmful body tumors.

      • Whey protein has the highest Biological Value, which is determined by “positive nitrogen balance” (i.e.: more nitrogen retained in the body as opposed to more nitrogen eliminated)

      • Helps to build strong bones and helps to prevent osteoporosis (the softening and deteriorization of bones)

    A Long History of Health

    Whey protein from cow’s milk has been recognized for centuries for its remarkable health benefits. It’s been used to cure illnesses, heal infections, soothe burns and strengthen the body since the time of the Great Physician, Hippocrates.

    Today, modern science has revealed what people centuries ago certainly knew – whey protein, with all of its incredible proteins and peptide fractions such as alpha lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, branched-chain amino acids, glycomacropeptides, lactoperoxidases, lactoferrins, lipids, oligosaccharides and numerous immunoglobulins — helps to fortify the body to fight off illness and maintain the highest levels of health.

    Naturally Pure and Powerful

    Whey protein has many profound physiological benefits as compared to any other source of protein. However, in order to receive these remarkable health promoting properties, it should make sense to select what we believe is the most naturally pure and powerful of all whey proteins. With Whey Natural! USA® you can.

    Whatever your lifestyle or stage of life, Whey Natural! USA® is perfect for you. Great for all in the family, and that includes little family members too! And, for those on the run, you can make a nutrition rich protein drink in just seconds! It's perfect quick nutrition. And, its taste is beyond incredible!

    Whey Natural! USA® can be confidently used for as long as you desire. So many satisfied customers tell us that they never want to be without it, and intend on taking it for the rest of their lives.

    So many different needs, but one perfect solution for all. Whey Natural! USA® powerfully simplifies your life!

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Q – Where does your Whey come from?

A – We do not use any of the current processing methods that harm the nutritive factors found in fresh, natural milk. Unlike conventional protein processing, our whey protein is manufactured utilizing the lowest temperature that the FDA allows.

    Key Distinction

    And this is where the key distinction lies between Whey Natural! USA® and almost every single whey protein in the world today. Virtually all protein supplements use heavily processed, high heat, chemically modified protein as the basis of their products. Most protein supplements have been significantly stripped of their goodness via “advanced” manufacturing techniques. What would you rather have? Those subjected to harsh processing, or Whey Natural! USA®?

    You can be sure that with Whey Natural! USA®, unlike virtually all other protein supplements, is not subjected to harsh, high heat pasteurization – high friction manufacturing, resulting in little bioactive protein properties and much less tangible health benefits to you. Scientists call these other highly processed, low grade proteins “denatured”, which denotes that their natural life giving nature has be taken right out of them.

    High Cost but Degraded

    Have you ever wondered why all that high cost but degraded protein you’have been spending your money on for years seems to never make any positive difference in your life that you can truly see and feel? Now, you should be beginning to understand why. Specific proteins from the whey portion of milk possess specialized biological activity that can provide health benefits far beyond previously believed.

    Note: Biological activity in this instance refers to how effectively protein and other related nutrients are assimilated and utilized by the body.

    The Whey Natural! USA® Quality Difference

    Even today's most expensive whey protein supplements (whether isolates, ion exchange, standard concentrates, cross-flow/ultra/micro filtration or hydrolyzed processes) have definite limitations in preserving the biological activity of the whey proteins.

    Most manufacturers will even state that the above processes don’t denature or harm the bioactivity of the delicate whey proteins, but they do! And, even the so-called “low temperature” pasteurization and filtration methods utilized by several whey protein producers that are less than the commonly used 163 degrees are anything but low heat processing.

    Truly Low Heat Processing

    High heat results in devastating damage to the natural composition of whey proteins.

    We formulate Whey Natural! USA® utilizing the lowest heat-processing protocols compliant with the FDA. We also use NO chemicals or enzymes whatsoever to separate the precious active whey proteins from our pastureland fed milk – as this would destroy the life giving nutrient components of the native, or rather, natural whey. The great lengths we’have gone to in ensuring the purity of our Whey Natural! USA® protein allows it to be more compatible for human ingestion, much like that of mother’s milk.

    What this means to you is not only enhanced lean muscle growth, enhanced immunity and cellular regeneration, but also improved digestion and assimilation as well.

    The "Why"

    Why have we gone to such great lengths in our protein formulation? Because we want to provide you with the finest, most naturally powerful protein based supplement on the planet for all of your health and high performance living needs. We personally would not’t settle for anything less – and now you won’t have to either.

    Only the Finest

    We never use high heat processing or cross-flow filtration, ion exchange, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, hydrolyzation or any other process that would denature, degrade and cause devastating damage to the natural native proteins and other delicate nutritive factors found in fresh pastureland milk.

    At Whey Natural! USA®, your wellness is our first concern. We believe there is no other Whey protein based supplement in the world that can even approach the results proven benefits and deliver the natural power and goodness that Whey Natural! USA® can. With Whey Natural! USA®, we provide the power of pure protein goodness like never before.

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Q – Why do I need protein?

A – Because protein is the primary substance that you are constructed of. It is your original “life source” material.

    Only protein provides your body with the material it needs to repair and rebuild muscles and create all cellular tissue. No other nutrient substance can do this. Additionally, protein provides the critical components to keep your immune system strong, secrete hormones, construct enzymes, and it supplies the building material for skin, hair, nails and blood.

    Whey is the best protein for you - a uniquely “complete” protein, meaning it contains all essential amino acids -- as well as a profound collection of other nutrients which are vital to your health so you can “build your life” and live your strongest. Additionally, it can do wonders for helping you achieve a trim, toned and fit physique.

    The eight (8) essential amino acids are: Methionine, Tryptophan, Phenylalanine, Lysine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine and Threonine.
    Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine are called the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s).

    Protein Deficiency?

    You may think you’re consuming plenty of protein each day, but are you actually assimilating (receiving) this protein completely into your cells? Millions suffer with protein deficiency and don’t know it. Low levels of high quality protein can cause compromised immune systems (infections, cold symptoms, etc.), cardiovascular disease, bone loss (osteoporosis), hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), sluggish metabolisms and constant low energy. Protein which is properly received into one’s body is also vital to elevating your healthy HDL cholesterol levels, enhancing insulin activity, supporting blood sugar metabolism, lowering unhealthy triglyceride levels, the synthesis of many important hormone regulators and reducing hunger pangs.

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Q – What about some whey proteins that are promoted as being “so pure” and containing no impurities? Are they really the healthiest and “pure” proteins

A – Please let us explain.

    Are they “So Pure”? Or are they … So Refined!?

    Some companies who tout their proteins as being “so pure” as to contain no impurities, no byproducts and that their protein has reached its purest state – well, purely “refined” would be a much more truthful definition. When a protein is subjected to harsh processing methods to remove impurities it has been refined much in the same way the truly natural sugar found in green sugar cane stalks has been processed to ultimately bring you white refined sugar. Although sugar manufacturers can legally call it “pure” and “natural” sugar, what it truly is – is completely stripped and “refined sugar”.

    There is nothing unique about any such kind of “so pure” protein. This type of protein is simply the same old Ion Exchange Whey protein most every other protein company is promoting. The only real distinction is that their marketing and promotion is more aggressive than most others. For unscrupulous companies to tout that their whey protein is “the purest” and that they have no competition, and that theirs is clearly the best -- is shameful at best.

    What they’re not telling you is that their protein has been significantly refined – and therefore denatured – meaning its naturally inherent, whole natural nutrition has been devastated. The “nature” has been stripped from it. In their advertising they may even say that their protein is not denatured, but that does not’t make it so.

    Big Pile of Amino Acids

    A truly nutritious protein supplement should provide you with much more than merely so many “grams of protein” per serving. A big pile of refined amino acids (which make up their grams of protein) that does not contain the other life-giving components, such as active immunoglobulins, is not’t what we would refer to as “pure” and “active”, and gives you much less than the best nutrition that you deserve.

    Much like supplemental isolated Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) which is good to take, it cannot compare to obtaining your Vitamin C from a whole organic orange, which also contains all of the other important nutrition factors provided by nature within.

    Whey Natural! USA®: As close to nature as possible!

    If you closely observe the many, many protein supplements in the nutrition marketplace, you’ll see that they’re basically all the same regardless of what they say, how loud they say it, or how attractively they package it. Tthey’ll have fancy names, a few formulation tweaks here and there, some may not use artificial sweeteners or preservatives, but by and large they all use the same protein base. If it’s a whey protein its either the standard “ion exchange”, “protein isolate”, lower grade concentrate or hydrolyzed type.

    Those that claim to be the “first and only” of its kind, “best product available”, “the world’s finest” or some other shallow superlative are hoping you’ll believe their hype. You see, just because they say it, does not’t make it true. There is very little true difference or distinction among the hundreds of proteins offered today – until now.

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Q – Is Whey Natural! USA® a “sports nutrition” protein?

A – Well, even though Whey Natural! USA® was not designed to be specifically promoted as a “sports nutrition” protein, Whey Natural! USA® definitely has ton of “muscle.” High performance athletes who know best state that Whey Natural! USA® gives them the competitive edge.

    Even though Whey Natural! USA® is all natural and emphasizes nature and purity instead of coming off like a protein pumped brute, Whey Natural! USA® is very strong for enhancing lean muscle tissue development.

    Whey Natural! USA® has been used successfully by athletes at all levels and from all areas of sports performance. Football, baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, gymnastics, track & field, golf, tennis, iron man/triathalon – or anyone who works hard, plays hard and needs the energy and regenerative power of the best whey protein to build and repair muscle, recover from tough workouts or a demanding day at work or play.

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Q – What does Whey Natural! USA® NOT contain?

A – Whey Natural! USA® contains:

    NO Artificial Sweeteners, NO Stimulants, NO Soy, NO Eggs, NO Wheat, NO Gluten, NO Artificial Flavorings, NO Flavor Enhancers or MSG, NO Diluents or Flow Agents, NO Binders, NO Fillers or Excipients, NO GMO substances, NO Yeast, NO Corn, NO Hexane, NO Artificial Preservatives or Chemicals, NO Artificial Colors, Dyes or added Salt.

    If you look closely at the labels of most other protein supplements, you’ll find many of the above such as fructose, aspartame, glucose polymers, casein, calcium caseinate, etc.

    The purity and inherent goodness of our Whey Natural! USA® protein superfood will power your body to be healthier, stronger and filled with natural energy. You’ll have more of the energy, mental clarity and overall sense of vitality you desire. This level of excellence is only attained through 100% true all natural nutrition.

    Refined Protein?

    At Whey Natural USA®, one of our key missions is to be the first to raise the awareness about a very serious issue that virtually all consumers are totally unaware of.

    Protein can also be refined much like “refined sugar”. The natural goodness can be stripped right out of it, too. Health conscious people know refined sugar and refined foods are hazardous to their health, so why would anyone consume a supposedly good health supplement that’s actually not very good or healthy at all? The answer – because basically most people think all protein supplements are created equal, but they’re certainly not.

    Most protein supplements that you buy are of the “denatured” type – the kind that has been refined and stripped of their naturally inherent goodness. Their biologically active -- “as found in nature” — health properties are processed and burned right out of them. Virtually all of the entire so-called “all natural”, “highest quality” and “best proteins” are denatured – but they conveniently don’t mention that they are!

    And, perhaps even more important, of the few so-called non-denatured “biologically active” proteins on the market, virtually all of them are not biologically active in any way, shape or form.

    They may say they are “natural” or “biologically active”, but if they’re using conventional processing methods such as cross-flow micro filtration, ion - exchange, ultrafiltration or hydrolyzation, or even if they are supposedly using what they may call “cold-processed, low heat proprietary formulation methods”, most chances are those active proteins and other vital nutrients met a painful death long before you bought them.

    Glorified Cake Mix

    And are you tired of throwing away your hard earned dollars on “glorified cake mix” protein powders that just don’t deliver?

    How would you like to finally find a product that when you take it you can literally feel it working for you – not just hope it’s working for you?

    If so, your search is finally over, and your journey on true health transformation has just begun.

    Be prepared to discover a difference. A very big difference!

    Whey Natural! USA® is a naturally powerful whey protein that goes far beyond any protein supplement the world has ever known.

    Whey Natural! USA® — To Regenerate, Rebuild and
    Restore your body — Naturally!

    The Difference

    Now that you’re armed with this knowledge, don’t be fooled by their fancy processing techniques and ubiquitous tag lines like “all natural”, “no extra sugars, chemicals or artificial ingredients”, because that alone simply doesn’t cut it anymore. Yes, it’s good that some of them are not using refined sugars and artificial ingredients, but that means your purchase is only part way good. The reality is that you’re still buying a degraded protein.

    With Whey Natural! USA®, you receive abundant goodness. You are assured you are getting the best. Our truly natural, non-refined protein has not been radically altered by the addition of artificial chemicals, harsh processing techniques, high heat pasteurization, artificial flavorings, colorings or preservatives. We know better. Instead, we set out and succeeded in maximizing the potency and purity of our natural protein superfood.

    The truly natural approach we’ve taken allows for Whey Natural! USA®’s wide ranging, all natural health benefits to shine, providing the tangible life building benefits that so many health conscious people from all walks of life are looking for in the foods that fuel their lives.

    Whey Natural! USA® brings you all of the good
    and none of the bad!

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Q – Who can most benefit from having Whey Natural! USA® an important part of their health and fitness lifestyle?

A – Whey Natural! USA® crosses all borders and boundaries regarding the broad array of people who receive its many gifts of nature's goodness. Whey Natural! USA® is used faithfully by people on-the-go, busy executives, students, teachers, mothers and housewives along with active people such as swimmers, skiers, cyclists, runners, walkers, weight lifters, bodybuilders, tennis players, golfers, those who play contact sports and anyone else who wants the most out of every year of their lives, and more "life" to their years!

    Whey protein is ideal for:

      • Busy, on-the-go people. If you’re busy with a high performance lifestyle, you require more energy. Whey protein helps support the production of energy for increased mental and physical strength.

      Whey Natural! USA® is excellent for athletes and bodybuilders. Whey protein helps keep you running strong with the superior source of protein for maximum muscle power.

      • Growing children and teenagers. Whey protein is great for growing children and also can help stabilize children's blood sugar. Whey Natural! USA® is a wonderful way to include solid nutrition for an active, growing child’s diet. Whey Natural! USA®, along with providing excellent protein for healthy muscles and bones, provides many important nutrients that help provide energy and supply filling nutrition as a tasty between meals nutritious snack. Whey Natural! USA® can be added to healthy beverages or blender drinks to provide your children with supplemental nutrition that’s delicious and awesomely nutritious. Kids LOVE the taste of Whey Natural! USA®! (Big kids, too!)

      Many authorities say that whey protein is excellent for infant nutrition, although others say that children about the age of 3 or 4 would be best suited for whey protein intake. Please simply check with your health care professional for more information.

      • Women who are either pregnant or lactating can surely benefit by taking whey protein. Protein is vital for the proper fetal and infant development, particularly brain and spinal development. Post-menopausal women can also greatly benefit from the bone strengthening properties of whey protein.

      • Those persons with considerable immune system challenges such as HIV can certainly benefit from whey protein’s rich supply of protective immunoglobulins and its ability to elevate Glutathione levels that along with being the body’s master antioxidant, also enhances the protective effect of the body’s T-cells which bolster the immune system.

      Additionally, those who are receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatments and have nausea diminished appetites can confidently supplement their diets Whey Natural! USA® whey protein. Also those on dialysis could benefit from the high amounts of protein. Whey Natural! USA® is full of health building protein, and even better – it’s soothing to the system and easy to digest.

      • For seniors, whose bodies have undergone changes in structure, composition and metabolism and have become less efficient at digesting and absorbing protein and have the extra need for nutritional balance due to diminished appetite and poor health conditions, whey protein is perfect for supplying easily absorbed complete protein. Some studies have also shown whey protein to have “anti-aging” properties in addition to strengthening the immune system.

        Many seniors rely on Whey Natural! USA® so they can confidently continue to live their lives to the fullest. With equal concern, those who are convalescing and recovering from injury or illness have found comfort and strength in Whey Natural! USA®’s strong rejuvenating properties. Whey Natural! USA® works strong to fortify the disease fighting systems in your body.

      Whey Natural! USA® is also used with the same confidence by health care and clinical professionals who appreciate the value of the premium best, broad spectrum protein super nutrition so richly supplied by Whey Natural! USA®.

    Building Strong Bones

    Research shows that whey protein can help increase bone density by activating bone-forming cells called osteoblasts, which can help decrease the risk of age-related osteoporosis.

    With whey protein’s bone-building action, it’s important for not only seniors, but also anyone who wishes to remain active. Whey is not only a great source of protein; it also contains abundant amounts of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus which directly promote bone development and maintenance.

    Research shows that older persons who consume low amounts of quality protein suffered significant bone loss, most noticeably in their spine and hip regions.

    Weight bearing exercise (resistance exercises) along with a diet containing sufficient protein can pay great dividends towards maintaining healthy and strong bones as the years go by. Many state that they begin feeling and looking younger soon after including whey protein regularly in their diets. We highly recommend you, too, start today.

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Q – Can Whey Natural! USA® help strengthen my Immune System?

A – YES. Whey Natural! USA® is rich in natural immune boosting substances called “immunoglobulins.”

    The following list comprises the primary active immunoglobulins found in carefully processed whey protein:

      • Alpha-Lactalbumin
      • Beta-Lactoglobulin - rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s)
      • Lactoferrin, Lysozyme and Lactoperoxidase
      • Bovine Serum Albumin – contains the vital precursors necessary for the production of Glutathione - the body's Master antioxidant. (Click to: Cysteine-Glutathione Connection)
      • Glycomacropeptides - promote the release of CCK, a pancreatic hormone that signals the brain "you're full", helping to naturally calm your appetite.

Q – What is the Glutathione Connection and how does the amino acid Cysteine play an important part in building my immune system?

A — It's pure Immune Power!

The Cysteine—Glutathione Connection

    In most everyday diets, it’s very hard to get the necessary amounts of the vital amino acid Cysteine that you need. With Whey Natural! USA®, you’re provided with a rich source of the natural Cysteine building blocks which allow your body’s cells to manufacture and readily replace the valuable Glutathione stores necessary for a strong body and strong immune system. Without sufficient Cysteine in your system you cannot create, or “synthesize” Glutathione. With Whey Natural! USA®, the “Cysteine – Glutathione connection” is made powerfully complete.

Elevating Glutathione Levels Naturally

Since there are no foods that directly supply glutathione, it must be manufactured by your body as noted above. Whey Natural! USA® protein superfood provides a sustained delivery of Cysteine to the cells via normal metabolic pathways. It’s a “Cysteine donor,” that can help you naturally manufacture and increase Glutathione levels and promote enhanced immune system activity – as well as help you to live your strongest – and longest. By supplementing with Whey Natural! USA® you’re assured of maintaining high intracellular levels of Glutathione.

Defense Factor

Our medical-pharmaceutical grade protein superfood contains the building blocks for glutathione: Glutamic Acid (glutamine/glutamate), Glycine along with active bonded Cysteine – and is the unique defense factor that gives Whey Natural! USA® its powerful immune boosting properties. The rich content of active bonded Cysteine is what provides Glutathione with its biological activity.

In short, Whey Natural! USA® supplies the building blocks your body needs to manufacture healthy levels of Glutathione, so it can be powered to build a strong immune defense.

Are You Deficient?

Since many people are deficient in Cysteine, this also results in many people being deficient in Glutathione, especially as they get older. And, even those individuals who exhibit excellent health still require the consistent replenishment of their important Glutathione supply. With Whey Natural! USA®, you are directly providing active bonded Cysteine to your cells, which supports the synthesis of intracellular Glutathione.

Tech Talk

Glutathione’s beneficial role in human health has been acclaimed by scientists for decades. Technically speaking, Glutathione is a small protein complex called a “tripeptide” consisting of the three amino acids: Glutamine, Glycine and Cysteine. Science shows that Glutathione is the powerhouse nutrient that powers your immune system and helps detoxify dangerous chemicals.

Immune Defenders

Glutathione is essential for immune system defense components such as white blood cells, disease fighting blood cells called lymphocytes (helper T-cells and B-cells), macrophages, antibodies, interferon and natural killer cells so that they may be produced and function efficiently to protect you. Glutathione enhances the body’s capacity to defend itself at the cellular level if you’re attacked by some germ, bacteria, illness or disease. So, when you take Whey Natural! USA® with its Glutathione building blocks, your immune system will be powerfully prepared to fight back. Whey Natural! USA® provides what your body requires to defend itself properly and powerfully.

Glutathione - The Master Antioxidant

As mentioned above, Glutathione is the body’s Master Antioxidant which battles free radicals and detoxifies the body of dangerous toxins. And importantly, Glutathione promotes all other antioxidants to work to their potential by “recharging” depleted antioxidants back to their healthy, bioactive states. Other antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E directly depend on Glutathione in order to do their best job, which is why Glutathione is called “The Master Antioxidant.

Super Detoxifier – and So Much More

Glutathione is an important defense factor in our modern environment which is becoming overwhelmingly toxic due to environmental pollution. Its superior detoxifying properties can effectively neutralize these dangerous chemicals in their tracks. It protects against carcinogens (cancer causing substances) as well as removes heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic and aluminum from the body. It neutralizes toxic medicines and drugs, antibiotics, birth control pills and has been noted to help shrink malignant growths.

    Specifically, Glutathione strengthens the liver so that it can perform its vital role in detoxifying these dangerous chemicals out of the body. It does this by transforming them (disarming them) into relatively harmless substances which the body can easily remove. Glutathione helps combat arteriosclerosis and also protects the structure of the red blood cells and their ability to transport oxygen. Additionally, it works as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system.

    Glutathione has also been shown to be effective against, diabetes, hypoglycemia, arthritis, allergies, cataracts, glaucoma, X-ray radiation burns, as well as the harmful effects as a result of chemotherapy and poisonous substances such as alcohol and cigarette smoking. Glutathione improves the body's metabolism of insulin, providing increased energy and more effective blood sugar control and weight management.

    Glutathione is also a blood builder and has valuable anti aging properties in that it helps cells repair and regenerate and also strengthens the structure of DNA, which retards the aging process.

Whey Natural! USA® with Glutathione building blocks =
Higher levels of Glutathione = Stronger Immune System . . .
Equals great for you!

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Q – How does your whey protein stack up in taste?

A – Thousands of Whey Natural! USA® customers love our taste!

    Taste King of the Protein Kingdom

    As a matter of fact, we urge you to compare anyone’s protein against Whey Natural! USA® for satisfaction of sweetness, taste appeal, mouth appeal feel or any other test you might personally measure to determine the most delicious protein of all.

    It’s really astounding: Not only is Whey Natural! USA® the hands down most nourishing protein, but it’s also the most indescribably delicious as well!

    Kids absolutely love the flavor! If you have children, let them taste some in a cool glass of fresh milk. Their reaction will say more than a thousand words ever could.

    Many of our customers tell us they buy Whey Natural! USA® because it simply tastes so awesome. If any other company touts their protein as tasting “great” or claim it’s a “best taste” champion, try theirs against Whey Natural! USA® – and You be the judge. With Whey Natural! USA®, there’s not only a “most nutritious” champion, there’s also a new “Taste King” in the Protein Kingdom as well.

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Q – Does Whey Natural! USA® contain any chemical growth hormones or BST?

A – No! Since Whey Natural! USA® is as close to organic as you can get, you can be assured it contains no “rBGH” (recombinant bovine growth hormone), BST (bovine somatotropin), or any other artificial hormones of any kind whatsoever.

Q – Does Whey Natural! USA® contain any predigested protein?

A - No. Our protein is in its most natural state that can be provided to you. We believe that to “pre-digest” the whey protein would denature it and render it much less than the nutritional masterpiece that it is. Yes, there will be still be some benefit form pre-digested protein, but Whey Natural! USA® in its most natural form brings the pure power of the finest whey protein to you.

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Q – Is Whey Natural! USA® organic?

A – No! It is not certified organic, however we can certainly say that it’s about as close to Certified organic as you can get. It’s made from dairy cows that have grazed on pastureland (uncontaminated farmland) to bring you the freshest, cleanest, truly purest protein possible.

Q – Does Whey Natural! USA® mix well?

A – Yes!

    We highly recommend the use of a Blender Bottle™ in mixing Whey Natural! USA®. The shear friction applied to the whey protein using a high speed blender degrades it.

    Natural Science for Smoothness

    Whey Natural! USA® mixes so well because we have achieved what others companies could not. We have devised a totally natural and unique means for Whey Natural! USA® to easily dissolve into a deliciously smooth, lusciously nutritious protein treat that delivers incredible health benefits to you. Others said it couldn’t be done without heat or chemicals – but at Whey Natural USA we did it, naturally.

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Q – How many grams of protein do I need daily to keep myself fit and healthy?

A – There are several key points that will determine how many grams of protein that you may need on a daily basis. Primarily, depending upon your level of activity and who you choose to believe as providing the best guidelines for necessary protein consumption, the answer will vary somewhat.

    Most of us know that adequate protein is essential for muscle growth, however, our body size (height/weight/fat/muscle composition), age, sex, stress level (physical and mental), degree of exercise, amount of sleep, and both the quantity and quality of food intake, and whether you are recovering from illness or injury are the usual factors used to establish your particular protein needs. As you can see, your particular needs may vary considerably.

    The Basic Range

    Most authorities state that a range between .35 grams and .80 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight per day is sufficient for a healthy metabolism as well as optimal muscle growth and repair. This means that a 150 pound person would require between 53 and 120 grams of quality protein per day.

    However, the lower end (53 grams per day) is indicated for non-active people who wish to merely offset protein deficiency. Not what we would refer to as optimal health. From our experience (and what many scientists and fitness experts recommend), most all of our customers report better health when consuming upwards to nearly one (1) gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, especially those that actively exercise and lead a busy lifestyle.

    Note: Pregnant and lactating women, as well as growing children generally require 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

    More Lean Muscle Means Less Body Fat

    Please remember, if you’re seeking to create more lean muscle on your body, it is essential that you consume enough protein to meet your demands. Additionally, the more lean muscle you have, the less likely you are to have excess body fat. Flabby fat hates muscle, but hard muscle hates fat a whole lot more.

    Please note: High performance athletes, very large individuals, growing children, pregnant or lactating females or anyone experiencing high stress levels may require even more protein per day than other individuals – sometimes up to 1.5 grams per pound of body weight. And, many hard driving athletes and bodybuilders consume between 250 to 500 grams of protein per day through both food intake and supplementation.

    And, if you were wondering if consuming that much protein can be harmful, several long term studies have been undertaken that have shown no adverse effects in healthy individuals. However, people with kidney or renal disorders are not advised to consume this rather high amount of protein.

    Please always be certain to drink plenty of good fluids and consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in order to help maintain a slightly alkaline environment within your body cells.

    Intense Exercise Needs

    Specifically, with regard to the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s), the body requires higher amounts both before and after intense exercise to ensure the proper repair and rebuilding of muscle tissue, as well as to offset pre and post workout fatigue. The BCAA’s (isoleucine, leucine and valine) as well as the amino acid glutamine should be replenished at least within one hour, and some exercise physiologists recommend no later than 15 minutes following a hard workout or competition. One full serving of Whey Natural! USA® will fulfill the need for proper pre and post workout amino acid nourishment. Whey protein contains the highest concentration of naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCCA’s) and these particular amino’s are your muscles prime peptide’s because they help muscle repair and development, while also reducing muscle breakdown during intense exercise. BCAA’s also help improve the immune systems of endurance athletes such as long distance runners, marathoners, triathletes, distance swimmers and cross-country skiers.

    More or Less Grams of Protein?

    Given the unique nature and strength of our whey protein product, we believe our customers can confidently reduce the number of grams of protein of Whey Natural! USA® to half the amount usually contained in a conventional protein serving size and still receive the same health and fitness benefits (or potentially more), but with now only taking half the amount of protein by weight as before. 

    People may ask: “You’re saying that I can achieve my health and fitness goals by taking less grams per serving than what I’ve always been told?”  The answer:  Yes, with Whey Natural! USA® that’s precisely what we’re saying. 

    If someone is only going to think from the long held point of view that the number of protein grams that they consume is the key determinant in receiving nutritional value and benefit – then we believe they are mistaken.  The quality and potency of the protein one is consuming is a powerful determinant in one receiving their benefits.  Note: Please do not confuse the unique quality and nature of our whey protein with the standard protein assessment measurements such a PER (protein efficiency ratio).

    Whey Natural USA® is not in the same category as all of the other proteins in the marketplace as just being a “protein supplement.”  Whey Natural USA® is a “life building” supplement – far more than a mere “protein supplement.”  Muscle can be built, high fitness levels can be reached, and tremendous overall health building benefits from A to Z can be realized when consuming Whey Natural USA®.  Olympians, professional athletes and other customers from all walks of life have shown this to be true when taking Whey Natural! USA®. 

    How we formulate the rich ingredients that comprise our product makes a powerful difference in the benefits that one receives, and this we believe is due to the unique nature and quality of our Whey Natural! USA® protein.  We have recognized the clear benefits that our customers have consistently shared with us over the years regarding Whey Natural! USA® when they have only taken half a serving of a commonly suggested serving size.   

    We believe all grams of protein do not provide the same nutritional value and benefit and that all grams of protein are also not the same — and this distinction is far beyond the difference between animal and vegetable source protein. 

    Our Whey Natural! USA® protein costs more, however it is far different in the value and benefits derived, and it proves this to those who consume it every day.  Essentially, people can consume less, but receive more.  So, we believe it’s not just the same old paradigm anymore of “I’ve got to get my X amount of grams of protein per serving.”  When the protein source and quality of the total protein product is factored in, it significantly changes the basic “grams of protein” per serving concept. 

    If mere grams of protein were the only viable factor in considering a protein supplement, then all protein supplements would basically be the same.  Whoever could buy the most grams of protein per serving for less from a particular company would simply buy that particular protein supplement to save money. 

    We believe Whey Natural! USA® promotes one’s natural physiological capabilities in very powerful and unique ways, and not surprisingly, also boosts one’s athletic performance.  We have witnessed this since we first began to offer our very special product to our customers. And this demonstrates the Whey Natural! USA difference.

    Please be sure to consult with your healthcare practitioner for your best needs.

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Q – When do you suggest I take Whey Natural! USA®?

A – Whey Natural! USA® can be taken at virtually any time of day or night. You can take it first thing in the morning stirred in fresh milk (preferably organic) or cool pure water or with a healthy blender drink, or you can take it as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon nutritious pick-me-up or for pre and post workout nutrition.

    However, we do specifically recommend that you take Whey Natural! USA® within 15 to 30 minutes following intense exercise. Your muscles require quality protein replenishment for repair and rebuilding, and we believe Whey Natural! USA® superfood protein provides the highest quality protein nourishment for your body’s needs.

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Q – Does Whey Natural! USA® contain any fat?

A – Whey Natural! USA® contains 1 gram of fat per serving.

Q – Is Whey Natural! USA® safe for diabetics?

A –Yes, however we suggest you seek the advice of a qualified doctor or other qualified health care practitioner for your particular needs.

Q – Should I take Whey Natural! USA® if I’m pregnant and/or lactating?

A – Whey protein is an excellent protein choice for the expectant mother who needs increased amounts of protein. Pregnancy can increase the body's protein needs by up to 33%. Whey Natural! USA® should be quite beneficial during these times; however we still suggest you seek the advice of a qualified doctor or other qualified health care practitioner for your particular needs.

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Q – Are milk and whey the same thing?

A – No, whey is a specific part of milk. Of the protein portion of milk, milk contains approximately 80% casein protein and 20% whey protein.

Q – Is Whey Natural! USA® alright to use if I am lactose intolerant or if I’m allergic to milk products? Is there casein in your products?

A – Whey Natural! USA® is 99% lactose free and generally suitable for most anyone with lactose intolerances. The casein is completely removed from the raw milk.

    The minimal amount of lactose contained per serving in Whey Natural! USA® ( less than 0.10 % per serving ) is unlikely to cause allergic responses, gastrointestinal discomfort, stomach upsets or other digestive problems. (Please understand that lactose intolerance and milk “allergies” are different conditions – they are not the same). If you believe you are allergic to dairy products, you may, like many people, simply reduce the serving size to one-half or less and see if you’re more comfortable. If not, then you should not consume whey protein.

    Also, whey protein which may contain just a small amount of lactose does not mean it is of lower quality – and to the contrary – the whey proteins that have their lactose totally removed have subjected their whey protein to harsh extraction methods (such as ion-exchange) which causes the overall nutrition value of whey protein to suffer. (Click to: Refined)

    Please note: Those with special dietary needs such as people on a low carbohydrate diet, or those with digestive problems (whey protein is easily digested), lactose intolerance, or vegetarians that consume milk products (lacto-vegetarians) can utilize whey protein as a great source of quality protein.

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Q – Can too much protein harm my kidneys?

A – It depends! Many persons such as weight lifters, bodybuilders and high performance athletes regularly consume 250 to 500 grams of protein per day for many consecutive months and sometimes several years. Presently, there is no specific scientific evidence that doing so caused any kidney problems or concerns in these healthy athletes.

    Our easily digested and assimilated Whey Natural! USA® whey protein should be ideal for those whose bodies have difficulty handling meat proteins or other cooked proteins.

    High protein intake could possibly be harmful to those with abnormal kidney function or kidney disease. For a healthy person, normal levels of protein intake should be fine. (Click to: How Many Grams of Protein) However, if one was to consume high levels of protein (i.e., 2 to 5 gram of protein per pound of body weight), the possibility of dehydration would pose a definite concern if insufficient water/fluid is not also consumed in order to aid protein metabolism.

    Please be sure to have approximately 64 oz. of pure fluids per day, although you may require somewhat less or considerably more depending on your activity level.Also, always be certain to consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in order to help maintain a slightly alkaline cellular environment within your body cells.

    Whey Natural! USA®, quite interestingly, has been used successfully by numerous persons with kidney disorders without any harm when taken as suggested. However, we suggest you consult with your doctor or other qualified health care practitioner for your particular needs.

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Q – What is the difference between whey protein and soy protein?

A – OK: A considerable difference!

    Soy protein is derived from soybeans. Although soybeans are nutritious, there are several problems and limitations with soy protein. The protein from soy is not “complete” protein – which contains all of the essential amino acids. (Essential amino acids are those in which your body cannot produce on its own from other food sources. Therefore, it is “essential” that you must obtain them from foods that are “complete” protein sources such as meat, milk or eggs). Soy protein is missing one of the important essential amino acids, called methionine – making it “incomplete.” Even if some manufacturers choose to add in methionine to their soy proteins, you should know that most soy protein products are made by using hexane gas and other toxic chemicals during processing. Additionally, soy protein is not easily absorbed by the body, which means your body won’t be receiving much of even the lower quality of protein that soy protein provides.

    Athletes Choice

    Athletes choose whey protein above all other proteins because of its magnificently rich amount of branched chain amino acids (BCAA’s), as well as its rapid absorption rate. The Branched Chain Amino Acids are: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine. Whey protein is the richest known source of naturally occurring branched chain amino acids.

    Amino Acids: The Building Blocks

    Amino acids are the basic building blocks of proteins. When they are combined or bound together in “bonds” or “peptide chains” they form a protein molecule. Many molecules together, when properly directed and formed, ultimately comprise various tissues that make up your body – not only muscle tissue.

    There are two types of amino acids: “Non-essential” and “essential”. The non-essential types can be made by your body (if healthy) from the most basic of foodstuffs we eat each day. However, the “essential” amino acids must be derived from specific foods that contain them – and whey protein is certainly one of the best.

    Also, whey protein, rather than soy protein, has a pleasant taste that is great in nutrition drinks and shakes.

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Q – Can you add Whey Natural! USA® to foods that will be cooked?

A – Unlike all other protein powders on the market, we do not suggest you add Whey Natural! USA® to baked/cooked goods (cakes, muffins, waffles, pancakes etc.) because the heat from cooking would denature the valuable proteins within Whey Natural! USA®.

    You might like to add a tablespoon or two of Whey Natural! USA® to a cup of healthy yogurt for a quick nutrition treat. (Please use the non-sugar filled, healthy yogurts with bio-active cultures that don’t contain artificial junk which masquerade as “healthy” yogurts).

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Q – If I have celiac disease can I still consume Whey Natural! USA® ?

A – Yes. Since Whey Natural! USA® contains no wheat or gluten containing products, it is completely safe to take in this regard.

    Please note: Since Whey Natural! USA® promotes an abundant amount of Glutathione (the body’s master antioxidant) to be produced by the body, this also in turn promotes the liver to more effectively remove toxins from the body. Occasionally, for some individuals who may be more toxic-filled than others, this may possibly result in a brief period of “detoxification tiredness” or a bit of queasiness where one feels a bit less energetic for a day or two. If this would possibly occur, it’s a natural response to the whey protein working for you. (Click to: Cysteine – Glutathione Connection — please see: “The Cysteine – Glutathione Connection”)

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Q – What is the highest quality protein? How does whey protein compare to other proteins such as soy, milk (casein), egg, rice, phytoplankton or hemp protein?

A – While these other protein sources provide many fine nutrients and are acceptable forms of protein, they do not reach the ultimate high level of completeness and overall nutrition power as whey protein. Whey protein is regarded as the most complete protein source on earth – provided you receive it in its most natural, unadulterated state possible.

    The Highest Quality Whey Protein?

    It seems that so many protein promoters like to falsely praise their whey protein as the “highest quality”, “best value”, “most pure”, “most complete”, most “biologically available”, “most awesome”, “most muscle pumping” protein on earth, or something to that effect.

    Either they don’t understand the fundamentals of science, or they couldn’t care less about truth in advertising.

    When a natural food substance such as whey protein (or any food substance) in its raw form is cooked, heated and/or subjected to harsh high friction – high oxidation processing methods such as Cross-Flow filtration, Ion Exchange, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, or caustic chemical hydrolyzation -- this results in the inherent, native properties of the food source being severely denatured -- and a significant degree of natural nutrition being killed. Moreover, even most all of the so-called unique “low-heat, cold-processed” proteins are still significantly denatured (devalued) through their processes.

    The Whey Natural! USA® Promise

    Sure, you can receive some benefit from these types of processed protein powders (or protein drinks which use these powders), but wouldn’t you rather receive the greatest benefits possible from a protein that delivers the most possible nutrition to you? At Whey Natural USA® that’s what we provide – and that’s our Promise to you.

    So, when you go to purchase a protein that will provide for your and your family’s best health needs, be sure to look for a truly all natural protein that hasn’t been subjected to harsh processing methods, does not contain any artificial ingredients or chemicals, or had sugars, artificial sweeteners and fillers added to it.

    There’s Only One No. 1

    Manufacturers and marketing firms do a fairly good job of convincing a lot of people that they’re getting a good deal and that their protein has some sort of special “power”. Don’t get caught up in all their marketing mumbo jumbo, just look straight for the issues that you now know to look for.

    If you look close, they’ll only be one that you will see that brings all of whey proteins natural goodness home to you – and that’ll be Whey Natural! USA®There’s only One No. 1.

    All of The Good and None of The Bad

    If you could buy a protein with all of the good and none of the bad – and you could buy it for the same price or less than other inferior proteins — what would you do? Yes, we thought you’d see the logic.

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Q – Can eating whey protein make me have muscles?

A – It can certainly help if you’d like to have them.

    However, you must also exercise regularly performing a focused program that emphasizes “resistance” exercises. Traditionally, people would call this “lifting weights”, which would be correct. However, most exercise authorities today suggest employing many other exercise forms of “resistance” against your muscles to achieve the “resistance effect” in order to stimulate lean muscle development.

    Additionally, whey protein can help promote muscle development by stimulating the secretion of an important body hormone called IGF (Insulin like Growth Factor) that regulates the increase in protein synthesis (manufacture of muscle) as well as limiting muscle breakdown.

    Quick note to Women: Don’t be overly concerned about developing unattractive, bulky muscles from merely lifting a few weights or performing other resistance exercises. Unless you are genetically rare and are prepared to work extremely hard for a few years, your muscle won’t be bulging out anytime soon.

    The greatest possibility is that an organized, regular program of resistance movements should allow you to create aesthetically shaped lean muscle that makes you look great in your clothes, in a bathing suit – or quite possibly – without a stitch of clothing at all!

    Just be sure to include an excellent whey protein like Whey Natural! USA® to help you create your shapely, youthful physique by promoting healthy lean muscle so you can effectively burn body fat.

    Whey Protein’s Thermic Effect

    In addition to all of the many incredible benefits of whey protein, it also possesses a special “Thermic Effect” that promotes the elimination of unwanted body fat. Please click here to learn more! (Click to: “Thermic Effect”)

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Q – What are Glycomacropeptides?

A – Glycomacropeptides are unique peptides contained in whey protein that possess many profound health benefits.

    In particular, they help reduce blood platelet aggregation (blood stickiness), which in turn can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

    However, Glycomacropeptides are more recently best known for helping to produce and release a unique appetite suppression hormone that signals the brain that you’re full, which is called “cholescystekinin”, or CCK for short. Those who wish to lose body fat and naturally control their cravings can surely benefit by consuming a natural whey protein such as Whey Natural! USA®, which is rich in Glycomacropeptides. For more information on CCK and fat loss, please (Click to: CCK).

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Q – What’s the “Thermic Effect” of Protein?

A – Essentially, it means that calorie for calorie, more of the energy from protein is given off as heat and less is available for storage as fat — which is great for you. The "thermic" effect of protein is one of the reasons that a higher protein diet has been shown to be more effective for fat loss than a high fat diet or a high carbohydrate diet.

    How the Thermic Effect Can Benefit You

    Certain proteins can maximize your weight loss and help ensure you lose fat and build muscle. Most protein supplements sold today usually include whey, casein (a milk protein), egg, or soy protein. However, protein quality, discussed below, is very important in determining what is called the “thermic effect”, also called thermogenesis.

    Thermogenisis is: the “thermic effect”, or heating effect upon the body as a result of the digestion and metabolism of food. This increase in energy expenditure (above your resting metabolic rate) is what occurs after you’ve eaten as a result of your body digesting and processing nutrients.

    At its most elementary level, the digesting and processing of protein takes significantly more energy than carbohydrates or fat. Protein raises your metabolism because your body has to work harder to digest, process, and utilize it compared to fats or carbohydrates.

    Whey Protein is Best

    Studies show that proteins, especially whey proteins, are much more thermogenic — more than twice as much — than carbohydrates or fats. This is due to whey protein’s high quality nutrient composition and ability to significantly stimulate protein synthesis (the manufacture of cellular proteins), which uses a great deal of internal body energy — which in turn helps burn body fat. Another important reason whey protein is best at stimulating protein synthesis in the body is because its amino acids are digested and absorbed into one’s muscles more quickly than casein, egg or soy protein.

    Protein Helps You Build Lean Muscle Mass

    Regarding “protein synthesis”, when you give your body the nutrition it needs along with moderate exercise activity, this means your body can build lean muscle tissue. Please note: Increasing lean muscle is a very good thing with respect to burning body fat, having a healthy metabolism and remaining young.

    You see, with more lean muscle, which is metabolically quite active, you burn more body fat, even at rest, so you’re able to lose fat weight much faster. Exchanging fat for lean muscle also makes you look better in your clothes – and out of them, too! Lean muscles give your body a sleek definition, improving your waist and hips and other troublesome areas. Your bathroom scale may not initially show a significant drop in weight, but your clothe sizes most surely will.

    Best Protein for the “Thermic Effect”

    Science confirms that whey protein is the best protein to create the important “Thermic Effect” to help burn body fat. Now, it’s important to use the finest whey protein source known to science – which we – along with our customers — believe is Whey Natural! USA®.

    Feel more Satisfied, Too!

    Additionally, and quite importantly, protein has a satisfying, or “satiating” effect with regard to one’s hunger and ability to feel fuller longer. Eating more protein, such as a chicken breast or drinking a low-cal shake with Whey Natural! USA® protein in place of excessive carbohydrates, will help you feel fuller for a longer time, bringing your appetite under control and making ones’ weight loss efforts a much happier experience.

    Stamina, Strength, and Blood Sugar Balance

    And, in addition to helping you being satisfied and feeling more full, protein will also have a longer-lasting affect on your stamina, strength, and endurance. Whether you’re athletic or lead an active lifestyle -- or even seated behind a desk at work -- you need the long-term energy balance provided by protein to help you cruise comfortably through your day.

    Whey Natural! USA® is a superior protein supplement which also helps to stabilize and balance your blood sugar levels, thus helping to prevent the short-lived energy high then subsequent crash that so many suffer from when eating high carb foods. And importantly, when you stabilize your blood sugar, this helps eliminate cravings so you don’t have to struggle alone on shear will power to overcome your desire for unhealthy snacks.

    To summarize: With Whey Natural! USA®, you establish a “thermic effect” to help burn more body fat, enhance lean muscle development, feel more satisfied, and help stabilize blood sugar to power through your day. Four more reasons we say, “Power Your Life with Whey Natural! USA®.”

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Q – How does Whey Natural! USA® compare in value and price with other whey protein?

A – Yes, Whey Natural! USA® is more expensive than ordinary whey protein powders, however, the deep nourishing value within Whey Natural! USA® is worth every penny! Your body, your health, and life are worth it!

    Not Just Grams of Protein

    And importantly, the comparison of other whey proteins is not merely how many grams of protein is contained per serving, but to only consider just the amount of protein grams is entirely one dimensional. It's the richness of the protein grams themselves that count.

    Whey Natural! USA® is in a category by itself!

    Please compare our label to others. If you've never taken a protein supplement or are currently taking one, you owe it to yourself to experience the Whey Natural! USA® difference. A difference in how you feel, look, perform and recover from a hard day or a hard workout. Once you try it, we believe you won't ever want to be without it. Perhaps a bold sounding statement — but we ask that you be the judge. The prove-it-to-yourself results will tell you everything you need to know.

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Q – Can Whey Protein help regulate my blood pressure?

A — A study just published in the International Dairy Journal suggests whey protein beverages are effective at reducing blood pressure in people at risk for hypertension.

    According to researchers: “We found that whey protein beverages lowered BP only in individuals with previously high BP, but not in those with normal blood pressure … These findings suggest that whey protein beverages had a normalizing effect on elevated BP and did not cause hypotension. This is important since hypotension can be a health concern in certain population groups, such as young women and the elderly.” The beneficial effects of whey protein may be related to its influence on nitric oxide production, which plays a role in blood pressure regulation.

    Whey Protein is Beneficial for Your Heart and Blood Pressure

    This latest study revealed that whey protein has a normalizing effect on blood pressure levels, reducing levels significantly in those at risk of hypertension. This may be due to whey’s impact on nitric oxide production, as nitric oxide helps your vessels maintain their elasticity and its suppression leads to increases in blood pressure. This benefit extends not only to those with, or at risk of, high blood pressure; it’s important to maintain healthy blood pressure levels too. One recent study found, for instance, that supplementation with the whey-derived peptide NOP-47 had a positive impact on vascular function in healthy people. Blood flow in the arm improved by 2.7 percent per minute following whey protein supplementation, but did not change for those in the control group who took a placebo. So in choosing a protein powder as a meal replacement, protein source or exercise recovery drink, you’ll support healthy blood pressure levels just by choosing whey.

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Q – Why does Whey Natural! USA use Sunflower Lecithin in their products?

A — Even though the amount of Sunflower Lecithin is minimal and is used as a emulsifier when producing our whey protein concentrate, it’s important in blending the natural flavors and stevia with the whey protein. Whey protein concentrate has some fat and mixed with a liquid, there are clumping issues. With the small amount of sunflower lecithin, it allows for a smooth homogenious blending.

Here are 10 Benefits of Consuming Sunflower Lecithin Supplements:
1. Healthier Brain
Sunflower lecithin is loaded with phospholipids. Namely, phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylinositol, and phosphatidylcholine. Each are major ingredients the body uses to create, repair, and strengthen brain and nerve cells. People who suffer from degenerative brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s have shown significant improvements to their conditions when a daily dose of 35mg or more of sunflower lecithin is administered.
2. Cholesterol Lowering (Linoleic Acid)
Since lecithin is a fat emulsifier, it’s a vital component used by the body to remove excess fats from the bloodstream, including triglycerides and free cholesterol. Linoleic acid is the main ingredient found in sunflower lecithin that helps the liver to accomplish this task. The only other lecithin-containing plant that contains as much linoleic acid in it is olive oil. Soy lecithin contains very small amounts.
3. Liver Repair
When the liver gets over-loaded with excess lipids (fats), they start to accumulate inside the organ rather than being eliminated through the bowels as they’re supposed to. This condition is known as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and it’s a growing epidemic that causes type-II diabetes, cirrhosis, and even liver cancer. The phospholipids in sunflower lecithin help to keep the liver clear of these excess fats and thus, work more efficiently.
4. Estrogen Free
Soy lecithin has been used for years an emulsifier for chocolates, baked goods, and butter. A couple of decades ago, science discovered that soy products contain phytoestrogens. These phytoestrogens cause men and women to produce estrogen which causes metabolic problems, sexual disfunction, early menopause, weight gain, breast growth (in men and women) and autoimmune disorders of the thyroid and adrenal glands. Learn more. Sunflower lecithin contains no phytoestrogens whatsoever.
5. Powerful Antioxidant
Sunflower lecithin contains one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, called phosphatidylcholine. This antioxidant prevents free radicals from destroying the cells in our bodies. The oxidative damage done by free radicals causes premature aging and cancer throughout the body.
6. Faster Healing
The linoleic and other oleic acids in sunflower lecithin helps speed the release of inflammatory transmitters (cytokines) to the injured areas of our body. To achieve this benefit on external wounds, apply lecithin straight to the affected area.
7. Nervous System Health
The abundance of fatty acids found in sunflower lecithin help to strengthen nerve tissues and increase neurotransmitter activity. Nerve fibers are made up of myelin sheaths. These sheaths are like a complex information railroad that allows nerve impulses to travel to their destination. When they’re disrupted the nervous system is thrown out of balance.
8. Lowers Blood Pressure
As you’ve learned already, linoleic acid is an emulsifier that works to break down fats of all kinds in the body, including excess triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood. When levels of either are too high, they accumulate on the walls of our arteries causing arteriosclerosis (ie., thickening of the walls of the arteries) which leads to high blood pressure and eventually heart attacks and strokes.
9. Sleep Quality
Sunflower lecithin has more choline than almost any other plant or animal food source found in nature. Choline is converted to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, which many people around the world are deficient in because of their processed food diets.
10. Arthritis
Lecithin is the fatty, viscous fluid that sits between and lubricates every joint in our body. Without adequate intake of lecithin, joints become stiff which eventually leads to permanent joint problems and diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. Consuming 40 – 100mg of sunflower lecithin per day can help ease the symptoms of joint disease too.
Important Note
It’s important to reiterate that soy lecithin products may seem tempting, and they will offer many of the same health benefits that the sunflower variety will. However, please do remember the dangers of consuming phytoestrogens, and that manufactures use hexane in soy products which has proven to cause cancer.

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