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  • Professional Athletes Use Whey Natural! USA Chantae McMillan
    Olympic Heptathlete

    "This is the most amazing product.
    During training I hurt myself and this
    whey protein came to the rescue. I don't
    have inflammation and recovery is
    incredibly fast."
  • Professional Athletes Use Whey Natural! USA Brad Nortman
    NFL Punter - Carolina Panthers

    "Whey Natural! USA has been an
    unequaled Whey protein supplement that
    has not only helped propel my NFL career,
    but also provides countless benefits to my
    daily life. Immediate, rejuvenating recovery
    and convenience are a must during a busy
    and demanding NFL season."
  • Professional Athletes Use Whey Natural! USA Cody Eakin
    NHL Centerman - Dallas Stars

    "In the pursuit of excellence I'm always
    searching out the highest nutritionally
    dense foods and wholesome nutritional
    products that will minimize inflammation,
    fuel my body, nourish my immune system
    and provide the essential, nutritional
    building blocks for optimal recovery.
    That's Whey Natural! USA"
  • Professional Athletes Use Whey Natural! USA Damien Fahrenfort
    International Pro Surfer

    "The first protein shake that I
    have ever looked forward to having.
    With Whey Natural! USA I can train 5
    days a week in the gym as well
    as surf every day and feel I've got
    the energy to do it all over."
  • Professional Athletes Use Whey Natural! USA Pete Jones
    Elite Cyclist

    "Whey Natural! USA has been
    instrumental in my performance and
    growth as a cyclist. Recovery is the
    #1 key to performance, and Whey
    Natural! USA has been instrumental
    in that facet and continues to do so."


Welcome To The 30 Day Fitness Challenge

The three pillars of success for this challenge are diet, training and supplementing with Whey Natural! USA®.  Of all the fundamentals involved in getting results, training is by far the most important. At Whey Natural! USA®, we have taken the mystery out of effective training. There is no guess work, nothing has been left to chance. Your results will be dramatic, fast and easily achieved.  Furthermore, effective training doesn’t require hours in the gym every day for weeks and months on end. Instead, our program distils the fundamentals of successful resistance training into a simple mathematical formula. The program is predicated upon gradually increasing intensity of effort. This intensity is performed over a short window of time and results manifest quickly.

For example, witness the physique of a sprinter versus a marathon runner. The marathon runner performs a great deal of low intensity work over a long period of time. The sprinter performs a high intensity workout over a very short period of time. The end result is that sprinters are lean muscular people with very low levels of body fat. Whether you train in a commercial gym or at home, we have developed protocols that insure success.

To further improve results we have developed a unique pre and post workout Whey Natural! USA® dosing protocol that insures your success with our product. It also maximizes your smart investment in whey protein versus shot-gunning lower quality whey proteins. Shot-gunning – round the clock use of lower quality protein throughout the day.

There is a long-standing fallacy of needing one gram of protein per pound of body weight daily to build muscle and lose fat. This is costly, metabolically inefficient and throws off metabolic waste including ammonia and urea. Whey Natural! USA® has been formulated to deeply nourish your entire body. As such, pre and post workout dosing is more efficient and economical.

The unique workouts are preceded by dosing Whey Natural! USA® at a specific time interval. Post workout — we have developed a dosing strategy that maximizes both muscle gain and fat loss. The workouts have been carefully crafted to maximize efficiency, safety and your results. You can obtain the workout protocol in our Daily Workout Exercise Diary.

This program is ideal for beginners of all ages and those new to Whey Natural! USA®. Once you have completed the 30 Day Fitness Challenge and have seen tremendous results, we want you to continue this program that will help you improve the quality of your life.

Before you attempt any exercise, please consult a doctor or health practitioner. Doesn’t matter where you are on your Fitness Journey, you should commend yourself that you have taken the first step. You are never too old to get fit!

Remember to take your Pre-Workout Whey Natural! USA® shake approximately 30 minutes prior to your workout and a Post-Workout Whey Natural! USA® shake within 30 minutes after your workout for optimum muscle building results. Please refer to our Whey Natural! USA® Workout Exercise Diary for more information and specifics for the 30 Day Fitness Challenge in meeting your Goals and Expectations!

Enter The 30 Day Fitness Challenge

At the end of your 30 Day Fitness Challenge, send us a copy of the Monthly Exercise Diary Summary at the back of this diary, a brief testimonial, along with documented before and after photos (time/date on photo) and we will give you an additional 10% discount coupon, post your results with photos and accomplishments on our web site. You will also be eligible to WIN CASH OR PRIZES. We will have different age category winners (18-25; 26-35; 36-45; 46-55; 56-65; 66-75 and 76 and older).You worked hard...you deserve accolades! I know you will be proud of your results. This is open to all ages using Whey Natural! USA®. Once you send it in, we will contact you to get your permission to use your stats and photos on our web site.

Compete For Cash • Prizes & Bragging Right!

By the way, this 30 Day Fitness Challenge is on-going.
So do your body a favor and take the Challenge!



Compete For Cash • Prizes & Bragging Rights!

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